The Rescue of Ed Mikes

An American Fighter Pilot In The Last Days of World War II
The Rescue of Ed Mikes tells the incredible story of an American fighter pilot who bailed out over Japan and was rescued by submarine in the last days of World War II.


The greatest air-sea rescue mission of World War II in the Pacific occurred just two weeks before the fighting came-to-a-close. Nearly 150 men were involved to rescue just one man – Edward Harry Mikes, Jr. from Berwyn, Illinois.

World War II Aviation History

Captain Ed Mikes Jr. of the 458th Fighter Squadron was an ordinary man. World War II was fought by ordinary people. However, what happened to him was extraordinary. By all accounts, he should not have survived. Sitting in an open wooden boat in the middle of the bay near Tokyo, he was strafed eight times by Japanese Zero fighters.

Cheated the Grim Reaper

Ed Mikes cheated the Grim Reaper over a dozen times and lived to tell about it. The teamwork of the U. S. Navy and U. S. Army Air Force units that rescued him was nothing short of heroic. This story needs to be told!

Never Before Seen Photos

The Rescue of Ed Mikes includes never before seen photographs from the collections of each participant plus new material discovered in U. S. and Japanese archives.

The rescue of Ed Mikes reads like Hollywood fiction. Quite often, truth is stranger than fiction!

Henry Sakaida

A man, a husband, a father, a grandfather and great grandfather. He was and forever will be my hero!

Donna Mikes Musil

The true story of one of the most incredible rescue missions of World War II!

Justin Taylan